Deborah O. Whipper Funeral Services, Inc. was established on May 26, 2004.  The business is currently located at 1084 Pacific Street (between Franklin and Classon), Brooklyn, New York 11238.

Deborah O. Whipper Funeral Services, Inc. has the ability to provide complete, professional, fully licensed funeral services.  In addition to offering all of the services of full service funeral directing, Deborah O. Whipper has established a reputation for high quality professionalism and individualized counseling of families in their time of special need.  Ms. Whipper is especially understanding, patient and helpful.  She personally, will go to the home of a bereaved family to help relieve the burden of grieving.  Reaching out in special ways to perform acts of kindness and service is the unique contribution of Deborah O. Whipper Funeral Services, Inc.

Deborah O. Whipper Funeral Services, Inc. will provide a totally unique approach to funeral service.  In addition to educating the community as it relates to funeral service, Ms. Whipper take great pride in the excellent preparation of the deceased; making them appear lifelike and natural as they repose peacefully while their families come to say their good-byes.

The talent and the professionalism of Deborah O. Whipper create the uniqueness of this service.   Ms. Whipper has worked the field of funeral directing for twenty years.  She is an excellent restorative artist.   Her skill in restoring features to trauma victims, and the cosmetics done on normal cases cannot be matched.  She has been commissioned to teach cosmetology to other funeral directors in the business.  The reputation of Ms. Whipper will provide families with the assurance that their loved one will be treated with dignity and respect and the expertise of Ms. Whipper is tailored specifically to the planning of a funeral service.

The goal of Deborah O. Whipper Funeral Services, Inc. is to service bereaved families and cultural sensitive individuals.  Families whose deceased loved one must be transported to other towns, states or countries. Families who, for some special reason, need an exceptional amount of "hand-holding" and attention, and round-the-clock responses to crisis will benefit from the service of Deborah O. Whipper Funeral Services, Inc.